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We provide research and expertise services concerning ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology


Flood embankment state monitoring    

Scanning of  Wał Zawadowski in Warsaw)

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Dendrologic research

Trunks and roots of the trees inspection


Warsaw - Podzamcze.

Scanning of poplar roots.

The tree was suspected of instability.



After numerous tests it was decided to chop the poplar down. It is easy to notice that it was right decision.


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Archeological research     Scanning the terrain close to the castle in Maciejowice 
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Archeological research    

Interesting objects discovered 1-1.5 m

under ground

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Archeological research     Prospecting of insurgent graves in a field close to Maciejowice - the place of last battle of Kościuszko Uprising
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Underground infrastructure detection    

GPR imaging of part of sewerage system

Before you spend your money for the building or recreation site think if someone not leave something nasty under your ground